The Wind On The Hill CD

It comes as no surprise to learn that Pat McKenna has a deep affection for traditional country and folk music. It is precisely where these two genres dovetail that Pat finds his true well of inspiration. The interpretation of the song means everything to him.

There is a wonderful sense of heart and truth in this lovely album, The Wind On The Hill. Occasionally, you can feel Pat’s admiration for the great Johnny McEvoy breaking through. And the lovely Derry accent lends itself beautifully to some captivating and enchanting performances in this collection of songs.

I am thrilled that Pat has recorded four of my compositions on this album. Our paths first crossed in Spain two years ago. He has given a special sense of life and purpose to the songs with his creative and haunting melodies. The other eight, including one of his own, are wisely chosen and suit his style.

The Wind On The Hill will find a treasured place in many collections around Ireland and overseas. This is a gem of an album by a singer with a gift to touch hearts across the land. Well done, Pat.

Michael Commins 

 •  Editor of Country Sound in the Farmers

   Journal and presenter with Mid West Radio (Mayo)

I am very pleased to bring you this album called THE HILLS OF HOME I have been recording these songs over the past three years.